Testimonials about Karin

Pauline Menzcer, Former World Champion

„I have got to know Karin very well through surfing over the last few years. I have seen her incredible passion for surfing, determination and positive attitude to tackle the extreme challenges thrown at her. Karins everyday life is a constant battle just to keep functioning. Despite her friends doing everything they can to help, everyday is a struggle to survive.“

Barbara Underwood, Occupational Health & Rehabilitation Services

“The pitted keralolysas is a bacteria/ fungus that lives in her hands and her feet, it thrives in moist environments. The biggest problem with this condition is that whenever Karin touches something which is porous like paper, foam, plastic, wood etc then the spoors from the bacteria/fungus is able to start growing on these materials and consequently when she re-touches them she re-infects herself and becomes very ill. Karin has been able to problem solve as best as she can to have equipment which is made out of glass and stainless steel and has a cleaning regime to help manage her symptoms. But she is far from living an independent life free from pain.”

Dr. Samuel Kim, Lung Specialist St.Andrew‘s Hospital, Brisbane

„Unfortunately, there is no specific pharmacological treatment (for Karin). It is impossible to remove tiggers from environment for atopy which is a multiple allergic trait in her immone dysfunction. Her condition ist distinctively different from the typical disability such as quadriplegia, loss of limbs, loss of eye sight or vision“

Sandi Middleton, Manager Centre for Sustainability Leadership

«Karin has a very strong vision for what a sustainable world looks like for herself and others. She is passionate, driven and, despite her health challenges, which at times have left her feeling incapacitated and unable to perform even the most basic of tasks, she has recovered time and time again and is able to achieve her dreams through determination and resilience. Her highly positive attitude towards life ensures that despite the challenges of her health, she can continue to inspire, lead and create sustainable change in her world and those that are fortunate enough to know her.»

Dr. Andrea Piga

«Karin and I have known each other since primary school. I remember very well that she had allergic reactions at an early age, such as severe itchy skin rashes on certain foods. At the beginning she didn’t really want to admit them and tried to ignore or cover up the symptoms. Later, on our travels together, as her allergies increased, it was very important to her that she was able to participate in all activities and was not a burden to anyone.»